Friday, November 14, 2008

Ham Radio Interests Survey

The sky is the limit with ham radio. The FCC rules that govern us were crafted in a way that allows us freedoms to do such much more than an channelized radio service, like the personal radio services, FRS, GMRS, and CB. The amateur service was crafted for those interested in radio technique self-training, intercommunication, and technical investigations.

If ham radio seems dead or boring in your area, it's probably time to consider an interests survey in your club. Amateur radio is a multi-faceted hobby, so if the same-old, same old has wore thin, never fear there is likely another area you and your fellow club members can explore.

Most clubs have a quick interests survey are part of their membership form. The purpose is to help the club officers identify what the membership as a whole is interested in. If you're club is at a cross-roads for equipment upgrades or happens to have a surplus in the treasury maybe it's time to invest in some new community equipment resources. And if you don't have the money in the treasury, what a perfect reason to unify and help with a club fundraiser.

Remember what a club does or doesn't do, has a heavy impact on the individual ham radio activities in an area. Ask yourself; what do and your fellow ham want ham radio to be or being doing in 10, 15 and 25 years? A large part of this will be defined by the infrastructure and resources a club sets forth to the ham community in that area.

Ham Radio Interest Survey 

-160 meters -2 meters
-80 meters -33 cm (900 MHz)
-40 meters - 23 cm (1.2 GHz)
-30 meters -220 MHz (1.25 m)
-20 meters -430/440 MHz (70 cm)
-17 meters -VHF
-15 meters -UHF
-12 meters -HF
-10 meters -LF
-6 meters -SHF (microwave)

-Aeronautical operations -Motorcycle mobile
-Backpacking operations -Mountain topping
-Bicycle operations -Official Bulletin Station
-Community service -Official Observer Station
-County hunting -Portable operation
-Emergency operations -Programming (computers)
-Field day -Public service
-Frequency coordination -QRP
-Fox hunting -Radio Controlled Model Craft
-Hamfests -Rag chewing
-Horse mobile -Recreational vehicles
-Kit building -Search & rescue
-Maritime operations -Shortwave listening
-Meteor scatter -Skywarn
-Mobile operations -SporadicE
-Moonbounce EME -Traffic Handling
-VHF weak signal

-AM -Lightning protection
-Amateur satellites -LOFER
-AMTOR -Logging programs
-APRS -Low band DXing
-ATV -Microwave
-Clover -Multimode
-Coherent CW -Packet
-Contests -Paperchasing (Certificates)
-Digital modes -PSK31
-DX -QSLing
-DXPeditioning -ROSE
-FlexNet -RTTY
-FM -Spread spectrum
-Grid squares -SSTV
-Internet -TCP/IP
-KISS -HF Digital Voice
-Lighthouse Operations -High Speed Multi-Media (HSMM)
-D-Star -APCO25

-Antique/collector radios -Power supplies
-Batteries -Repeaters
-Boatanchors -Restoring equipment
-Computers -Scanners
-Construction of equipment -Solar power
-EMI elimination -Station accessories
-Filters -Straight Keys
-Gas generators -Test equipment
-Homebrewed equipment -TNC's
-Integrated circuits -Toroids
-Key collecting -Transceivers
-Keyboard CW -Transformers
-Keyers -Transistors
-Linear amplifiers -UPS backup
-Military radios -Vacuum tubes

-Antenna tuners -Multi-band antennas
-Baluns -Propagation
-Balloon-supported antennas -Quad antennas
-Beam antennas -Rotators
-Coaxial cable -Sun spots
-Dipole antennas -SWR measurement
-Dish antennas -Towers
-Duplexers -Vertical antennas
-Loop antennas -Wattmeters
-Meteor scatter -Wire antennas
-MININEC -Yagi antennas
-Mobile antennas

-Exams -Schooling
-Learning CW -Teaching (Elmer)

Organizations You Are Interested In
-10-10 -ITU
-American Red Cross -MARS
-Club meetings -Radio Club of America
-Club newsletters -RAFARS
-DARC -Royal Navy ARS
-Scouting -United Nations

Current Memberships
-10-10 -PVRC
-ARRL -Radio Club of America
Awards / Certificates you are Interested in

Awards / Certificates you Currently Hold

-Insurance for equipment -Vanity Callsigns

-CQ-VHF -Monitoring Times
-Electric Radio -Worldradio
-QEX -Nuts and Volts
-EPE -Circuit Cellar

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MRodgers said...

Thanks for this survey Steve. I just became VP of our club and I will be using this to gather info on interest in our club so I can try to plan projects and get club participation more active.

-KC8GRQ Mark.