Sunday, April 8, 2012

Customized D-Star Repeater

I have provided three simple bash example scripts. One says the time, another reports the weather conditions. And yet another will read back who was recently on your d-star repeater.

(I have since improved some of the quirky word concatenation from what is shown in the video.)

Special thanks to Kristoff, ON1ARF for his ambestream voice announcement toolkit.

Also to Scott, KI4LKF for his g2_link program.

To install this, first install ON1ARF's D-Star voice announcement toolkit, and download my premade AMBE library of files. (this also includes the three mentioned scripts)

To process DTMF; I suggest installing KI4LKF's g2_link program. (Alternatively ON1ARF's dtmf-rcq or a number of different DTMF decoding add-on options) Scott's g2_link will also give you the ability to connect to XFR and DCS D-Star reflectors. His g2_link program contains an easy to understand and modify to your liking shell script.