Monday, July 11, 2011

DUTCH*Star DV Node / WinDV
Fred van Kempen, PA4YBR has written a new Windows program for use with D-Star DVAPs, and GMSK node adapters. It also works with the (blue) DV Dongle, amongst other things.

The DV Node program, (WinDV) will eventually take over most of the "market" currently serviced by DVAR Hotspot, as DVAR has reached the end of its development cycle - the "takeover" by DV Node has been in direct discussion and agreement with Mark McGregor, KB9HKM.

The beauty of his WinDV program is that is supports a combination of several protocols.

DPlus (regular gateways and reflectors) as well as the DExtra protocol used by the Xreflector system. And the newly emerged DCS reflector system.

Also supported are D-STAR Callsign Routing (through ircDDB) and the reporting of GPS positions to the APRS network.

His program should enable more D-Star users to be able access both networks. As currently most D-Star repeaters in DVAP/Dongle users are only able to access the US Trust based network. Where as; homebrew GMSK nodes and repeaters as well as Dongle users using G4KLX Digital Voice package have had access to XRFxxx based reflectors.

Icom stacks/gateways can implement both ircddb and dextra (XRF) linking. I encourage all Icom gateway operators to consider widening the D-Star experience for their users.

I feel Win DV is a great step towards interoperability and hopefully exposing and migrating more users and gateways to a more open source based D-Star infrastructure.

In the future, Fred also notes he plans to develop a version for Linux, and Mac.

I encourage you to check out WinDV today!