Friday, May 24, 2024

Status of Further Notice (FNPRM) ?

In January I filed express comments on what bandwidth limit for above 30 Mhz should be set if any to replace the symbol rates for data in relation to the furhter notice for WT Docket 16-239.

I considered writing a longer paper, but Steve Stroh had already done that, covering everything nicely. The other reason I opted for the express route is because in the back of my mind I figued the good old (freaking) FCC would sit on this like the main HF part for god only knows how long. I even remarked on how it was unclear when a decision would be made by the commission.

I must be getting more impatient as I get older, as even at work and in other projects I particpate in, I look at what the outcome is and when it will be achived Before donating my time. Short summary: I like things the bear fruit.

So are we going to have to get congress woman Lesko involved again to kick the FCC in the rear end again?

For what its worth, in a somewhat private circle I have brought up the idea of having the whole amateur regulation business outsourced since the FCC does such a poor job. It seems almost inconceivable to accomplish, but I do believe we'd be better off that way.