Thursday, November 20, 2008

Over the air D-Star to Asterisk- not far off

Erik, OH2LAK shows in this PDF how to use Jakub Hruska's D-Star decoder program in conjunction with the DV Dongle to receive D-Star audio off a analog radio using it's 9600 baud discriminator port.

Jakub's program is windows based and doesn't appear to include his source code. My hope is he will work with Scott, KI4LKF who seems very talented at programming so there can be some code convergence to help make a more stream-line way to decode the AMBE audio and map it to an Asterisk platform.

Scott already proved the Asterisk guys wrong. They reasoned that after you decode D-Star audio into 16-bit, monophonic, 8 KHz, SLE data, it would be impossible to encode it into ADPCM or u-Law or GSM or just LINEAR because it would become un-readable to IRLP or Asterisk or Echolink users.

This is interoperability at it's finest. An example of amateur radio working towards convergence with the real world. Typically it seems were are continually trying to set ourselves apart.

What a great display of what amateurs can still do, working together.

Jonathan, G4KLX has developed code and Linux tools to decode the D-Star data similar to Jakub's program.

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