Friday, May 27, 2011

More graphs

A couple years ago Will Payne, N4YWK was on a quest to graph some of the historic growth of repeaters.

I helped provide some of the data for him. But more recently I wanted to take a look at 70 centimeter ATV growth.

That of course lead to more counting as I wanted to look at the 900 MHz band in light of Alino's announcement that they intend to release a HT capable of 900 MHz. The DJ-G29T.

Link to the FCC OET Papers:

I've been exploring 900 MHz since 2008.

I think it's one of the still steadily growing bands out there that can be a lot of fun.

I had no intentions of buying a new HT any time soon, but the DJ-G29T is certainly changing my mind on that. I have wanted a frequency agile radio with a VFO for 900 MHz for a long time. I believe Alinco will be the first ham manufacture of a 900 MHz HT.


James said...

I'm excited about the Alinco 900mhz HT. I'm saddened by some of the elitist responses to the announcement on a 900mhz mailing list I subscribe to. People are going on how it's going to let the "2M lids" into their sacred space that takes technical skill to enter now. I roll my eyes at those comments.

I'm hoping it's not much more than $250, I'd like to get it for the 220 as much as 900mhz. The market is wide open for a manufacturer to make a 900mhz HT, I'm surprised a Chinese manufacturer didn't get there first though. :)

Steve said...

I was reading those comments too. I can feel both ways on that I guess. I am shocked to see this and happy too. 900 MHz isn't really allocated to hams outside the US, so the market for such a HT has to be small.