Monday, May 28, 2007

Repeater Activity Graphs

In this piece of documentation, I show how to generate on the fly line graph image files of repeater activity.

In this case we assume the repeater has an IRLP computer running the Linux operating system already interfaced to it. The IRLP hardware interface an system binaries already provide us the necessary basic tools. We don't need a basic stamp or PIC interface.

IRLP has a readinput binary for troubleshooting. This reports; cos active, cos inactive, ptt active, ptt inactive, and all dtmf decoded. Since this is always connected to your repeater system you can use it as a data basis to generate a visual graph of system activity using gnuplot, a command line utility. This is handy to identify when the system is most active. You can have the graph export to a club website or just about anything you can think of. I have the file output use the day of week name in it, so you can easily look at weeks worth of data.

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