Monday, September 16, 2013

SK: Wayne Green, W2NSD

By now I am sure you have heard that publisher Wayne Green has past away.

There are a number of people posting fond memories of Wayne on the net.

Here is one that I especially liked:

It starts off pointing how important Magazines and people like Wayne who were on the ball with publishing new ideas and technologies was to the dissemination of information and advancement of technology. Wayne often was ahead of the curve, which I suspect is not easy to do in the publishing business. I have noticed at least with QST, it takes a year or better for articles to be published on happening topics. (I figure next year I will read something about the Raspberry Pi and ham radio in QST)

"Before there was a PC revolution, before the days of PC Magazine and MacWorld, before COMDEX, there was Wayne Green."

Now days that role is somewhat diminished, with the internet an all. But some people won't go research things on their own, so shoving the ideas in front of them monthly is still important to keeping things active and moving forward.

David Sumner, K1ZZ on the ARRL website notes a an important technique to keeping things lively in the hobby:

In the early days of packet radio he (Wayne Green) gave me some good advice as to how the ARRL should promote the new technology: ‘Talk about it as if everybody’s doing it, and eventually they will be.’”

A while back a took on a big project in hopes 73 magazine would live on. Wayne did give the okay to place his publications in the public domain. So he maybe be gone, his his legacy lives on.

73 Magazine Archive

Byte Magazine Archive

80 Micro Magazine Archive

Kilobaud Microcomputing Archive

His last three missions toward the end where to change the world on health and oil and education. In his honor it would seem logical to share his Secret Guide to Health and maybe track down the Cold Fusion Magazines.

I think a local New Hampshire paper coined him in the 1980's as the "World's Most Interesting Man," and I have to say that fits him well. I look forward to reading the Wayne Green biography when it comes along. 73 OM!

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