Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ham radio in a Diet Mountain Dew commercial

There is an older Diet Mountain Dew commercial that starts off with a man walking in a valley with a powerful thunderstorm in progress. He sees 5 women doing rather absurd things. The first pair of women are fencing each other (without face guards, so that you can easily tell that they're women). The 3rd woman, the point of this message, is operating a variety of radio equipment. The last 2 women are standing on rather tall stilts. The man comments, "Aren't you afraid you're going to be struck by lightning..." and the man promptly gets zapped by a bolt. Then a fact is posted, "Lightning strikes men 4 times more often than women." There's also a bit with the "announcer".

Pictured: Top left: Swan transceiver. Bottom left: Hammerlund receiver. Middle: Swan power supply. Top right: Gonset AM 2 meter transceiver. Bottom right:Gonset linear amplifier. Microphone: RCA Desktop.

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