Monday, October 31, 2011

CisarNet: Italian Cisar Radio Amateur WiFi Network

This just in from IW0SAB, Renzo in Italy:

The National Digital Link Cisar CisarNet (, is an ambitious project that is joining much of the Italian region via a backbone digital technology wifi connections to 2.4 and 5.7 GHz, which allows experimentation for radio amateur and any use if needed in an emergency to coordinate and support relief efforts.

They have a 304 km (world record) link on 5.7 GHz. And other impressive wireless links back to other parts of the Hamnet that I have blogged on before.

They have an English wiki that is worth taking a look at.

On the top of this infrastructure, CISAR is activating several services, from voice and video over IP, DSTAR support and conferencing systems.

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