Saturday, April 4, 2009

Wisconsin Amateur Radio Club - Digital Backbone Project

I spotted this at Amateur Electronics Superfest. Their demo was a pair of IP phones interconnected via 2.4 GHz shotgun antennas.

They are deploying a 5.6-5.825 GHz high speed digital network in Southeast Wisconsin. They are using the Ubiquiti Bullet 5HP, a 1 watt 5 GHz capable transceiver.

Due to the 6-54 megabit bandwidth, multiple simultaneous communications can take place on a single channel. Any site can act as an intelligent digital repeater into the network and thereby expand the mesh...

Due to he 12 volt operation and the small, high gain antennas, a portable station can be quickly assembled in the field and added to the digital backbone network.

Field locations provide: VoIP telephone for command posts, real time high resolution video of conditions, e-mail and file transfers, extension of the digital network, and standard voice type QSO's.

You can view the overview handout of their digital backbone project here:

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kb9aln said...

Very cool!

This is very heartening. This is the next generation packet radio that we should all be working toward.

The only addition that I can think of would be a user "LAN" type thing that would operate on less line-of-sight.

In any event, this is a good thing!