Saturday, October 27, 2007

Handy Tools

Here are two very handy tools for mobile installs:

The Thexton 436 - Wire Insertion Tool. You use this to poke and feed DC zip cord through the grommets in the firewall. (If you are using a cig plug connection to power your radio, you can quit reading this blog.)

The Antenex HS-34 3/4" NMO hole saw ... again mag mount users can read another blog :-)

The last item is a Husky Tools 693-232... which is basically a flat blade screw driver with a V. You use this to safely remove those pesky plastic snap in buttons that hold your headliner and other interior plastic vehicle trim together.

The final piece I'm going to share if for hand-held radio repair. It's a special spanner nut drive for removal/tightening of those spanner style nuts over the volume and channel selection knobs as well as the nut over the SMA antenna connector.

If you have a Yeasu VX-5, you likely have had to tighten that antenna nut.

The best thing I've found is the "X-key for Handheld Repair 13mm, 11mm, 9, and 8.5 mm" A guy out of hong kong sells this for $5 on ebay.

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