Wednesday, September 1, 2010

DIY Emergency Cell Tower

Chris Paget, KJ6GCG has over a decade of experience as an information security consultant and technical trainer for a wide range of financial, online, and software companies. Chris' work is increasingly hardware-focused, recently covering technologies such as GSM and RFID at venues such as Defcon and Shmoocon.

At the recent Defcon 18 conference he displayed a spoofed GSM cellphone tower using a Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP) transmitting 25 milliwatts, to present a GSM air interface to a standard GSM handset and uses the Asterisk software PBX to connect calls. The combination of the ubiquitous GSM air interface with VoIP backhaul could form the basis of a new type of cellular network that could be deployed and operated at substantially lower cost than existing technologies in the developing world.

FCC rules aside, this is some powerful stuff. Imagine being able to restore cellular coverage in a disaster area using the foundation he has laid.

You can read more here:

Here is a video that shows a test call being placed from a softphone talking to an Asterisk PBX in conjunction with GNU radio and a USRP to create a Part 15 signal level call to a cellphone.

Regarding using HSMM style techniques for running an amateur cell site:

Here is a similar project which modifies android phone to use asterisk running on something called a mesh potato. This would be great for developing areas. Just drop some of the MP's with a battery and a solar cell and poof... a phone system.

Another favorite is using asterisk with amateur radio and repeaters

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