Sunday, October 15, 2017

Another 900 MHz mesh gadget

From some discussion on the wetnet mailing list:

> Mesh, external antenna connector and cheaper then some of the others I've
> seen.
> Huh... maybe worth finding out more about there type of modulation etc.

A FCC ID search by manufacturer brings back nothing.  So I suspect  this thing isn't as far along as they make it seem.

Some how I suspect the thing will be overpriced like the goTenna and Beartooth anyway.

Else I was going to suggest since its never clear if it has to abide by the image, data, spread spectrum rules or all of the above.... pick whatever is the least restrictive is how I'd go about it.  Consider it an ignorant form of civil disobedience to make a case for rule reform if you like. 

It's the classic case of a multi-media gizmo; "send text messages, images, audio recordings.."

One day likely not in my lifetime the old men at Newington will pull the head out of their posterior, and realize they should have lobbied 30+ years ago to make rule situations like this clearer if they expect anyone to take the things and themselves seriously.