Thursday, March 15, 2012

Asterisk Radio Interoperability

Micheal VK3ZEA shows some interoperability.

Asterisk is a powerful open source VOIP telephony platform. There happen to be a few hams heavily rooted in the project. So naturally there is a module called app_rpt for integration of 2-way radio systems.

For more info see:

What Micheal is showing, involves some rather complex configuration. But much of the open source software that powers what he is showing has come along way. So I expect even further down the road, this will be child's play.

Friday, March 2, 2012


Daniel, VA7DRM read my blog about OpenBTS.

OpenBTS is an open source way to build your own GSM cellsite. My suggestion was, this is something hams should look into. We could build a Part 15 emergency cell tower that we could be part of our to-go kits that we bring when responding to emergencies when normal communications are disrupted. Providing seamless support.

Well, Daniel took that to heart, and writes:

After spending almost two years trying to get a test license to run OpenBTS, I realized that our time would better be spent making something that could work with all the spectrum open to us Hams. That's when I started doing research into making a new digital standard, something open, cheap, that would support time domain duplexing(TDD), and possibly use Codec2, as the DV codec.

Visit:, for more info on the HamCell project.

Currently the hardware is built around a ADF7021 and covers the 2M band. It has a max TX power of ~10W and a theoretical max speed of 25kbps.

He notes that most of this is still in the planning phase and any input or ideas are greatly appreciated.