Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Big Bend 50 race use of HSMM-MESH(tm) cover story of July QST

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The July 2013, QST magazine contains an article on page 68 on the use of HSMM-MESH(TM) / Broadband-Hamnet(TM) in support of the Big Bend 50 Ultramarathon foot race.

Beyond that, it is the cover story of the July QST. Our Austin mesh crew made the cover!

Some of you may have known K8OCL, John Champa, who was the first ARRL HSMM Working Group chairman. He is now a Silent Key.

He had a photo taken of him back in 2003, with a "dream" photo-shop edition of QST in his hands with HSMM on the cover. He worked hard for many years to help hams realize that we have been gifted with some mass produced consumer gear ( like the LInksys WRT54G ) that allows hams to get into wireless broadband radio at prices of a lifetime!

I am glad to see that we managed to carry on his efforts with HSMM gear and have actually made the cover of QST, 10 years after he held up his "dream" copy of QST.

Your printed copy of the July QST should arrive soon. Please do what you can to help raise interest in HSMM efforts in your area. It would make John happy to know that the word is getting out - cheap ham gear with massive bandwidth capability, so hams can have their own version of a wireless broadband tool.

-Glenn KD5MFW

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