Thursday, September 9, 2010

HSMM network in California

Jason Spence, KF6RGF writes that there is movement in the San Francisco, California area to build a HSMM network. He needs volunteers with access to towers to help build it out. More information can be found here:


The amateur radio service has a good chunk of the Internet address space (, and it's not being used for its intended purpose: a worldwide packet radio network. Meanwhile, the rest of the Internet is crowding into the remaining address space and will no longer have any left in the near future.

The address space isn't being used because of a chicken-and-egg problem: the necessary digital repeaters aren't available for users, and there are no users to justify building the repeater network.

The cost of the equipment has finally come down to the point where even a modestly funded amateur radio club can afford to set up a small regional network by themselves. Through advocacy and standards development, Noisebridge is building a packet radio network modelled on the original vision of the Hinternet.

Members of Jason's group will be touring the SFBA ham clubs and giving presentations at their monthly meetings to gather the necessary volunteers.

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