Thursday, July 1, 2010

Two new books

There is a brand new Microwave book from the Radio Society of Great Britain.

It is all up-to-date stuff, not a re-hashing of old QST articles like many of the ARRL microwave books. It covers interesting test equipment, and the latest software. Most importantly, the projects are modern too, using easy-to-find transistors.

The second recommended book is from the American Radio Relay League on PIC microcontrollers.

This book was written to be understood in a chronological fashion. The book seems to fill in stuff all the other PIC books seem to miss.


Jonathan said...

The best place to look for up-to-date microwave information isn't the RSGB books, but DUBUS and the DUBUS Technik series. The power house of microwave (and D-Star) development is Germany.

Jonathan G4KLX

kb9mwr said...

Thanks for the heads up.