Friday, March 20, 2009

D-Star Development

A while back I re-posted a message about the D-Star International Coordination Council.

Unfortunately I have yet to see anything on their website that such as the mentioned full translation of the D-Star D-STAR specification.

But things are still moving forward. Jonathan G4KLX, started the d_star_development yahoo group for his software and reference source code for capturing D-Star transmissions straight from the discriminator. The group is dedicated to discussing and sharing information about implementing D-Star systems using non Icom D-Star hardware, this includes end user and repeater systems, hardware and software.

He has developed code (something all other D-star project seem to lack) to provide a complete D-Star client using a PC and a radio which has 9600Bd connections.

He has also written a white paper on The Format of D-Star Slow Data.

You can read more about Jonathan's efforts here.

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