Saturday, February 15, 2020

Bridging modes

Mike, K9MLS recently posted to one of the Allstar lists I am on about creating a D-Star bridge.

dvswitch is a combined effort of Steve N4IRS, Cort N0MJS, and a few others.

Take a look at:

The software pieces are ASL (Allstar Link), Analog_Bridge, ircDDBgateway, MMDVM_Bridge.

It's possible to create multi-mode / cross-mode bridges with the software, between DMR, DSTAR, NXDN, YSF and P25.

With the DV3000 hardware AMBE vocoder dongle, DSTAR audio is quite good.

However a lot of folks use the MD380 emulator (which is the handy work of Travis, KK4VCZ's md380 reverse engineering project) to get around the hardware requirements of most systems that with otherwise require with dongles or boards.

Its also the preference for a virtual environment where you don't have physical access to the servers. Russell, KV4S did a good job documenting this with his blog entry titled "Hosting an AllStar Node and an AllStarDMR bridge in the cloud" 

Sadly that emulator doesn't support D-Star even though that is the mode completely out of patent.

In my opinion; For the price Mike would likely be investing in AMBE hardware, one should really think about soliciting the coding community and offering that money toward a solution that will benefit the community and move it forward.

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