Wednesday, December 1, 2010

D-Star for iPhone/Android

This was the subject of a short thread on the dstar_digital yahoo group started by David, KC2WNW.

I chimed in and mentioned that there are several SIP/VOIP apps out there. For desktop computers as well as Ipods and Smart Phones.

As long as the client can support a non numeric SIP addressing scheme, I really think this is a do-able idea.

I've mentioned the idea before as well has John, K7VE who first shared the concept with me.

A validated user account on a D-star to SIP bridging site would have to be established. You'd program that into your SIP phone client app. From there you could connect to a remote D-Star system using the SIP address convention
sip://, etc.

The age old duplex / half-duplex PTT phone patch problem rears it's ugly head here.

The Asterisk radio guys have their own custom application that has a software PTT. Or you can set DTMF digits to control the PTT. Much like how the CAT controller phone remote function works. When you press 1, the this enables transmit (and a soft steady tone is fed back to the phone user while they are in transmit as a reminder), and 2 to go back to listen mode.

While not as elegant as a custom App with a software PTT button, this approach ensures compatibility with any standard SIP phone with this age old phone patch dilemma.

I use MIXphone/MIXVoip on an Ipod touch to connect to my own Asterisk phone and analog radio system. But it doesn't look like it supports non numeric SIP dialing. However, I am sure there is one that does.

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