Sunday, January 2, 2011

Understanding Digital

Okay so maybe the last couple microwave projects that I posted were not your bag.

There have been a few good videos from Hak5 lately.

If you aren't familiar, Hak5 is a weekly "home-grown" video podcast about computers, and technology.

I highly recommend it, and since someone left blog comments about the concept of more video content, well here you go.

If you are an old-timer, and videos on the web are too hip for you, I expect you to read Make Magazine.

A couple weeks ago the Hak5 crew covered Pulse Code Modulation. And the following week, Time Division Multiplexing (TDMA).

Both concepts in the show are used in relation to the telephone network. But they are both critical concepts to the basis of digital communications. (i.e. non-cw and other archaic forms of communication.)

As an example of how this ties in, I've been playing with Mototrbo, which happens to be a two-time-slot digital TDMA two way radio technology.

Remember: I'm trying to help hams expand their understanding and explore new ideas with my blog.

I can't be successful unless You spend time less time drooling (like full-fledged ARES member with down-syndrome) and ogling that utterly useless QST magazine.

Read something that will help your brain, and the hobby! I'll send you issues of 73 if I have to!

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