Thursday, August 30, 2007

Linux Repeater Contoller

Some of the early software repeater controllers were far from ideal. But that was many moons ago, back in the days of DOS. Since then, stable operating systems link Linux have come along. So have embedded computers such as mini-ITX mother boards. The physical hard drives that were prone to failure can also be replaced with flash media.

I see two viable ways to go if you need a controller and want to save a bundle.
-The IRLP Repeater Controller Project
-Asterisk with the app_rpt project.

Asterisk with app_rpt provides the following for Amateur Radio stations and systems: A Full Function Repeater Controller, Touch Tone Command and Control, Autopatch - Reverse and VOX Operation, CTCSS Decode/Encode Functions, A SIP Telephone Exchange, Voice Mail and Announcements, Contact Closure Telemetry, Non-Proprietary Software and Hardware, PC/Linux Operating System Based, Remote Base Client, Fully Configurable and Programmable Communications Solution

The IRLP controller program is a simple controller that provides hangtime, DTMF muting, activity controller ID, and controllable courtesy tones. Intelligent CW repeater ID. You can adjust; The hangtime in milliseconds, the shortkey timer in milliseconds (COS time required for hangtime activation), the alligator timer in seconds (COS timeout), toggle DTMF mute on/off, the DTMF mute duration in milliseconds, the ID interval in seconds (time between IDs), the courtesy tone frequency.

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