Friday, September 2, 2011

DV Open Source Modem

Some German hams have developed a digital voice board capable of GMSK (DSTAR) and 4FSK (APCO25). It uses a DSP Encoder and Decoder.

The capabilities of their board are mostly defined from the firmware. It can handle baseband reception up to 8kHz (^=16kbaud, defined by the analog low pass filter).

Transmission is possible form DC up to 1/2 DAC update rate (a RC low-pass soften it). You can modulate on 2 DAC-channels simultaneously.

If someone want to write a firmware for an APCO, Analog, PacketRadio repeater - please let Jan, DO1FJN know.

For more info visit And the corresponding yahoo group, DVRPTR.

>what type of programming adapter do you use?

> Is the AVRISP-mkII useable ?

I'm not sure. If you mean the JTAGICE mkII: Yes.

You can use the (cheaper) AVR Dragon too. A complete list of hardware you will find on Atmels website (AVR 8/32 bit �C -> Tools).

> Is there a better one allowing debugging?

Yes and No (Jain). You can use a AVR ONE! This device supports more trace

> What version of AVR-Studio do you use?

AVR32 Studio 2.7beta but the last official 2.6 works too. We don't want use the
new 'AVR Studio 5' - it's a Windows only solution.

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