Friday, April 8, 2011

While I'm away

These will be some of the things I'll be playing with this Spring and Summer.

Here are a pair of Ubiquiti XR-9's. We started to experiment with these towards the fall of last year. We have a HyperLink Technologies HA910I-APC 10 Watt (+40 dBm) amplifier that could be paired with it.

Here are some older things that we have messed with on 2.4 GHz. Ubiquiti Nanostations and Bullets and going back even a few more years the WRT54G. We have slowly been moving away from 2.4 GHz. Our experiences have been that there is to much stuff on the band, and to many trees!

Here are some antennas. The top two are Comtelco's for 70 cm, yielding 10 dBd. I hope to be putting these to use soon! Some 900 MHz yagi's. HyperLink yagi's yielding 13 dBi, and then some stuff from 2.4 GHz.

Here are two router stations just aching for some 400 MHz mini-pci boards to be put into them!

And on the narrow band digital front, we have already begun comparing D-Star, P25 and Mototrbo. It began a week ago after some discussion at our local radio club banquet.

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