Monday, April 4, 2011

Blog Hiatus

About a year ago I eluded to discontinuing this blog.

I received some positive encouragement at the time to continue it.

That said, I feel the same way I did a year ago... (if not more disgusted with the lack of leadership)

"I really don't know if ham radio these days is worth the effort I put into it."

So I will be taking a break.

If anyone stumbles into anything interesting going on in the hobby I'd still appreciate an email bringing it to my attention.

Steve, KB9MWR

Here is an interesting speech that ARRL President Kay Craigie, N3KN gave at AES Superfest in Milwaukee on 4/2/2011, titled "Do Something new in Ham Radio."

Unfortunately this is the first time Superfest that I have missed in a long time. Had I know that she was going to be there, I would have attended so that I could share some of my thoughts in person.

The premise of her speech is good. In coincides with my own logic. There is some irony however.

She mentions a phenomenon that occurs with some hams where they "Narrow their perspective down on Amateur Radio so tight..."

I'm sure ARRL staff and other can see me as one of those types since I blog on certain things over and over.

The double irony is the ARRL's own perspective seems to be narrowed pretty tight to HF and ARES, and Contesting. So that is why you'll never read about anything in those areas on my blog. You'll likely only read about stuff that you won't read in QST or on the ARRL web, as I have tried to fill that void.

Kay, if you want to encourage hams to try something new, how about relaxing a few more rules?

The recent petition- wavier regarding voice and data emissions is a good start.


John said...

Have you looked at the work we have done and continue with STARnet Digital?

Video at

Discussion at:

Steve, KB9MWR said...

John, I have. It's not really all that exciting to me at this time.

Supposedly there is a "real" d-star repeater coming to my area though a recent promo...

The interest in D-Star locally has grown, and likely will continue.

I recently have been up to figuring out D-Star GPS stuff and the gatewaying to APRS using my homebrew system by others interested in that.