Thursday, December 9, 2010

Make Yourself Heard!

I just noticed the New QuickStats Poll Now Available on the ARRL Web Site.

It's a far cry from a comprehensive survey, but it's a start.

Vote in all or even just one of the QST QuickStat polls below. We'll publish the results in an upcoming issue of QST (look for the QuickStats page in the Table of Contents).

This months questions include CW and ARES!

Results from this QuickStats poll will be published in the March 2011 issue of QST on the QuickStats page, located in the rear advertising section of the magazine. Along with monthly poll results, QST QuickStats offers colorful charts and graphs that highlight interesting Amateur Radio statistics.

Another way to help fine-tune the League is by letting them know your favorite articles in each issue of QST magazine.

This survey has been around a while longer. I discovered it about a year ago.

I'm encouraging all ARRL members to vote more often for the articles you like. We won't change the whole world, but at least we can make a point to speak up.

I also noticed this, which I think is a good idea:
The ARRL is sponsoring its first-ever video contest! We are looking for ARRL members to shoot and submit videos that showcase how fun and electrifying our hobby is!

So, maybe they do listen. I remember grumbling about the ARRL Homebrew Challenge not promoting anything new.

Here is another idea for the league. Perhaps if you feel the same way, you can make youself heard on this too.

Back in January 2008, the Senior Discount (65+) was eliminated for ARRL Membership. Citing risen costs.

Fact is seniors now make up a huge proportion of the membership, so discounting them is a huge drain.

I wonder if the League has considered extending a discount to hams under age 25, or those enrolled in a relevant schooling. Sure couldn't hurt the hobby could it?

I speak from experience, as I was lucky back in 1997 to be a recipient of a Foundation for Amateur Radio scholarship that I applied to my college electronics schooling. And I am still active in the hobby, including helping helping elmers, now in walkers, get to the store. lol!


n9upu said...

I have said they need to start doing something to get youth involved in the hobby. Very good point for the youth discount.

Steve, KB9MWR said...

Thanks Joe. Now if I could just get my section manager to read my drivel. I noticed if you google "ham radio Green Bay" I appear near the top. Would be nice if these guys were in touch with people from their districts.