Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Interesting Article Bounty

Okay I'm not happy with the magazines I have been receiving. It has been over a year since I have read anything on HSMM. And I have yet to see the word Asterisk in QST, QEX, or any CQ magazines.

And when I read the recent ARRL Homebrew Challenge I said to myself, why encourage something that has already been done?

While I have high hopes for a couple new ARRL staff, and the future if ham radio. I am presenting a challenge.

During an interview, the Beaver Valley ARA revealed that ARRL President, Kay Craigie, N3KN got licensed in 1983 because she was jealous of all the fun her husband was having with ham radio. She was a computer hobbyist at the time and became a ham just when computers were starting to be integrated with amateur radio.

She was also the vice president when the HSMM working-group was formed back in 2001.

So it would seem natural to assume her stance on the future of digital communications is strong.

Brennan Price, N4QX is the new Technical Relations Manager filling the vacancy created by the retirement of Paul Rinaldo, W4RI.

It was Paul, W4RI's recommendation (back in 2001), to the Board that the HSMM Working Group be founded.

I don't know much about Brennan, N4QX, other that his stated goal is to "defend Amateur Radio spectrum." So it would seem that encouraging microwave/HSMM use would be logical.

I fell strongly about the ARRL Technology Task Force. I hope he can fill the shoes as well as Paul did.

My challenge is to get more hams to submit articles to QST, QEX, and CQ magazines.

My homebrew challenge would be to document a bi-directional amplifier in QEX magazine. Since there are more non-overlapping channels on the 5 GHz and 900 MHz band I would encourage it to be for either of those bands, or 3 GHz.

Contact me if you are up to that challenge, as I am offering a small bounty. I also have other gifts for anyone else who steps forward to write anything else interesting. If you write, and don't tell me, I'll likely be getting a hold of you to thank you.

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kb9mwr said...

Apparently K1SFA (the ARRL News Editor) doesn't understand constructive criticism.

The bounty is $40, perhaps others will up the ante? (I doubt the ARRL or TAPR will.)