Saturday, January 1, 2011

Mad Scientist

I was happy to see DIY (Do it Yourself) on the cover of the January QST again.

I found the directional coupler - power/SWR meter article interesting, yet disappointing as it is only for HF.

The OP-ED member view point from Eric, KL7AJ titled "Put the Mad Scientist Back Into Ham Radio" reflects my own view point very much.

Eric points out the difference between his generation of Amateur Radio experimenters and today's batch of obsessed appliance operators.

"In our day, it was our job to create emergencies. The new EmComm oriented hams are intent on fixing emergencies."

He's referring to setting accidental fires building Tesla Coils, or Jacob's ladders, and things of this nature.

He makes a good point. If we want young blood in the hobby, we have to compete with paintball, bungee jumping and extreme skateboarding.

I highly recommend giving his opinions a read on page 82.

If you are ready, here is a nice experimental project from my Mad Scientist friend.

You know you are ready for the accidental RF burn from this 100 watt 2 GHz amplifier.

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